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  • Strategic Plan

    Our Vision

    The College has a vision of “Enabling young women to achieve their potential in an all-girls’ environment of excellence”.

    Our school motto of “Harmony and Success” ensures all girls who are students at this College work  together , respect our multicultural diversity and establish strong work ethics.  This will enable them to achieve to the best of their ability, to take their place as responsible young women and to become active participants in society in a rapidly changing world.


     High Expectations            Endeavour           Respect

    Summary of Goals

    Student Learning Outcomes

    • To further improve and sustain ongoing improvement in English and Mathematics
    • To sustain ongoing improvement in VCE results
    • To sustain ongoing improvement in student ICT skills

    Student Engagement & Wellbeing:

    • To improve student motivation to learn and connectedness to peers
    • To improve student connectedness to Gilmore Girls College


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  • Gilmore Girls Principal
  • Key Improvement Strategies
    • Leadership continues to articulate a clear vision for improved student learning and what constitutes effective teaching practice.
    • Staff demonstration of this shared vision as embodied in the Annual Implementation Plan
    • Continue to develop programs that foster engagement through leadership, extension, co-curricular programs and community building
    • Continue to improve the learning environment as demonstrated through positive student behaviour, regular attendance and other demonstrations of respect for education as embodied in the Annual
    • Continued focus on Yr 6-7 transition including investigation of ways to attract students eg. scholarships, special programs
    • Improved focus on preparation and transition to and from senior school including student tracking, counselling, achievement and leadership.

    The strategic plan for the next four years in now being developed. Please contact the Principal for further information.

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