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    Part of the STEAM program at Gilmore involves the integration of different subject areas within the curriculum. An example of this would be at Year 8. The project started as a way of making the Geology unit in Year 8 science more engaging. The focus of the unit shifted to being thematically based around the students going on a mission to the surface of Mars. The different subject areas feed into this theme. In science they look at how they would know if there had been water on the surface of Mars. In Maths they look at how you would code a robot to navigate it on this distant planet. In Design-Technology the student construct a Lego EV3 robot, they then designed, using 3D CAD software, a scoop to go on the front of the robot. The unit culminates with a visit to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre to explore the different concepts they have learnt over the course of the semester.

    Another component of the STEAM program at Gilmore is ensuring that students have the opportunity to work on individual projects that is of interest to them. We provide a range of lunchtime activities aimed at improving the students design and engineering skills with a focus on collaboration, thereby improving their interpersonal skills while building connections across year levels. We utilise the School House system, thereby ensuring that students are connecting with their peers at other year levels.

    At Gilmore the students are also able to benefit from some industry partnerships that have been formed. The students have the opportunity to take part in specialist STEM programs through GHD, an engineering firm. The students spend a week at their offices taking part in simulated engineering situations.

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