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    Year 10 Program
    The structure of Year 10 is based on semester subjects, which are blocked in line with VCE subjects. This is partly to differentiate Year 10 from the junior curriculum program and also to provide optimal preparation and orientation for VCE. Units run for one semester and students must choose at least one unit from every Learning Area, except for English, where they must complete two units, and LOTE, which is optional. There are several subject choices within each Learning Area. This leaves three or four semester units completely open for student choice. Students with strengths in particular areas can participate in an accelerated VCE program in those subjects.

    Year 10 students also participate in the City Centre Program instead of a year level camp. Click on the link below.

    WOW – World Of Work program

    All Year 10 students also participate in a period of a MIPS (Managed Individual Pathways) program, which focuses on future pathways and vocational options, as well as leadership and extension opportunities. Students can choose between the two leadership strands of Community, and Advance.


    2015 Year 10 Handbook


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  • VCE Program
    At Years 11 & 12 we offer a wide range of VCE studies across all Learning Areas. Most of our students complete 12 units in Year 11 and 10 units in Year 12. Again, our curriculum structure allows for vertical movement between units. Many of our students also study a language with outside providers such as Victorian School of Languages. Students have a small number of study periods built into their weekly program, where they are expected to work in the library or VCE study centre. VCE students also have a weekly MIPS period, where they investigate future study and vocational options and are given support with administrative tasks, such as VTAC choices. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in pre-driver education and short-term TAFE hospitality courses.

    2018 VCE Handbook

    Handbooks are also available from the College Office.

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