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    Junior School Curriculum Years 7 to 9
    Our students participate in a core curriculum that ranges across all of the Key Learning Areas – Arts, English & ESL, Health & Physical Education, LOTE, Maths, Science, Humanities (History, Geography and Economics) and Technology. We work to a four period day, with 72 minute periods. Information and Communications technology (ICT) is integrated into designated units within core and other subjects. Within Art and Technology, students experience a range of subjects throughout Years 7 – 9.

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    Learning Communities Centre
    The Learning Communities Centre opened in January 2008. This new building was architect designed to provide an excellent facility for the Gilmore Years 7 and 8 program which features an ICT rich, integrated and authentic curriculum supported by the very latest in Information and Communication Technology equipment. The Learning Communities program uses a broad range of teaching strategies and resources for successful learning. The aim of the program is to produce active, independent and engaged learners.

    Middle Years Teams
    In line with Middle Years of Schooling (MYOS) best practice, our curriculum structure is based on four 72-minute periods a day. We have also introduced a teaching team program across the core areas of English, Humanities, Science and Maths. This involves a team of two teachers working intensively with each home group for approximately 60% of the week.

    In Year 7 and 8, a period of pastoral care is also included in the team program. Students spend about half of their week in a home room, giving them a secure and comfortable base. They move to our specialist facilities for the remainder of their subjects. Learning Technology is also incorporated into the curriculum at Years 7 – 9 through a highly structured learning plan, focused on specific units and tasks. This explains the apparently small allocation of time to Technology in Years 7 & 8.

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  • Team teachers build extremely strong, close relationships with their home groups. They know their students very well, in academic and social terms, as well as closely monitoring attendance and progress. These innovations have resulted in calmer, more settled days, more sustained working time, less moving around and stronger relationships being built between staff and students. Students feel that they are well known by their teachers and there is a high level of communication and planning across the core KLA areas. Two of the most exciting curriculum innovations have been the development of a range of integrated curriculum projects at each year level and a comprehensive, planned integration of Learning Technologies across the four core areas.

    Assessment and reporting
    Assessment is based on work requirements, which are specific assessment tasks that allow students a range of opportunities to demonstrate their achievement. Assessment tasks range across a wide variety of skills and formats, including tests, assignments, performances, folios, essays, projects and models. Students receive a short interim report at the end of Terms 1 and 3, as well as an opportunity to discuss each student’s progress at a parent-teacher night. Students also receive a full written report at the end of Terms 2 & 4.

    Special programs
    Although all of our students are extremely well supported in terms of their curriculum and welfare needs, we also offer a range of programs for students with special needs. We have an Integration program for students with disabilities and impairments. This program includes aide support, modified curriculum and individualized programs. We also have a regular speech pathology service. We have an extensive ESL (English as a Second Language) program for recently arrived students, as well as a targeted literacy intervention program called Restart at Year 7.

    Computer Access
    Every student at Gilmore College for Girls have access to a laptop to use during the school day. If they choose, they have the option to take this home.

    College Library and Homework Club
    The College library is open to students after school Monday to Friday and homework sessions are conducted in the library on Tuesday and Thursday. Homework sessions are supported by teachers from Maths, Science, English and SOSE as well as other learning areas.

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