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  • Enrichment

    At Gilmore, we believe that it is not only our task to educate our students to pass exams and gain University entrance or gain fulfilling employment. We believe that every girl has the potential to excel in other areas of endeavour – and we encourage and support them to develop special talents and skills.

    All Gilmore students are encouraged to become involved in the wide range of extra curricular activities on offer: leadership and extension programs and sports and camps programs, in order to develop and grow as positive contributors to the community.

    The Gilmore Sports program offers opportunities for every student in both competitive and non competitive sports and activities. It also provides an excellent weight training and fitness facility for students.

    Detailed information about Gilmore College Leadership, Extension, Camps and Sports programs  can be found below.

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On Offer

  • At Gilmore College students are encouraged to participate in individual and teams sports and many have been highly successful at state or regional competitions

    The College enters teams at Year 7, 8, intermediate – Years 9 and 10 and senior – years 11 and 12 in the following: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Netball, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Hockey and Volleyball.

    The College has house competitions in Athletics and Swimming with traditional events and some events just for fun and whole school participation. Participation in events such as Cross Country, are on a voluntary basis.

    Preparation for sports activities is important and students make use of the Weight Training Centre at lunchtimes and after school.

    All sports teams are trained and supported by our dedicated PE staff and by many other teachers who volunteer training and supervision of teams.

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  • The Gilmore College Camps program has been developed to provide students from years 7 to 12 with a range of experiences. Each camp for Junior School students has a different focus:

    Year 7 – Orientation
    Year 8 – Adventure and challenge
    Year 9 – Independence and initiative

    Year 7 & 8 Arrabri Lodge
    Arrabri Lodge, Warburton. Package includes 2 nights accommodation, low ropes course, orienteering, night time camp fire, bush dancing, feeding farm animals, archery and entry to Healesville Sanctuary. Held Term 3 from Monday 30th July to Wednesday 1st August. The camp includes a trip to Healesville Santuary.

    Explore Arrabri Lodge Camp

    Year 9 Burnside Camp
    Coastal Camp, Anglesea. Package includes three nights accommodation. Activities include surfing lessons, canoeing, rock pool ramble, horse riding and bike riding. Camp activities relate to the Year 9 Integrated, Environmental Unit.
    Held Term 4

    Year 10 City Centre Program
    Students spend one full week attending a program in the city. Students work in groups on a specified project conducting surveys and interviews, visiting sites around the city, and attending several pre-arranged activities. Student groups use ICT skills to produce a presentation and report on their project and present these to a whole school assembly. Held Term 1

    Explore the City Centre Program and Venue

    Year 11 Urban Study Camp
    An overnight Urban camp in the City with guest speaker, workshops and student team development activities. Held in Term 1

    Year 12 Study Camp
    A two night camp with guest speakers, workshops on study skills, course related lectures and tutorials.
    Date Term 1

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  • Extension Programs

    Duke of Edinburgh Award
    This is a program for Year 10 students interested in outdoor activities and challenges,
    in serving the community and in broader education.
    When: Ongoing throughout the year as part of the Year 10 MIP’s program.

    Click for Duke Of Edinburgh website

    Combined Girls’ Secondary College Student Leadership Conference
    Two Year 10 student representatives work with girls from other government girls’ schools to organise a conference for Year 10 girls. The conference includes guest speakers, group discussions, activities and workshops.
    Dates: Planning occurs throughout the year and the conference is held in
    Term 3 or Term 4.

    Drama Productions and Dance/ Musical Performances
    Each year the College produces or is involved in one major performance or production. This performance or production may be a major school drama production held at the school or the Rock Eisteddfod or the State School Spectacular. The College will advertise the production or performance for each year via the College News pages of this website. See descriptions below:

    Televised – Rock Eisteddfod
    The Rock Eisteddfod involves schools competing against one another to convey a message through dance, movement and drama.

    State School’s Spectacular
    State School’s Spectacular is a showcase event that involves singing, dancing and theatrical performance by State school students.

    School Production
    This is a performance by students that is presented to the school community. It includes students from different year levels involved in acting, dance, singing and backstage roles.

    Musical Events
    Our students involved in the music and instrumental program have the opportunity to perform for parents, staff and invited guests at our annual musical soiree and during official events such as the College Award Ceremony.

    Gilmore Teams debate against other schools in the Debating Association of Victoria Schools’ Competition. Students develop their speaking and analytical skills whilst debating issues of local, national and international importance.
    When: A total of 5 debates conducted during terms 1 to 3, plus finals.

    Tournament of Minds
    Tournament of Minds is a problem solving program for teams of students who are required to solve demanding, open-ended problems from one of the following disciplines: Language, Literature, Maths, Engineering or Social Sciences.

    • Team selections term two.
    • Problem solving term three.
    • Performance last weekend in August.

    Students play chess at lunchtimes in the college library, developing playing skills and if interested, represent the college at interschool competition.
    When: Terms 2 and 3.

    Australian Mathematics Competition
    Cost: Free to Year 7 students, minimal entry fee for Years 8-12
    When: July

    Australian National Chemistry Quiz
    Cost: Minimal entry fee
    When: July

    Australian National Science Competition
    Cost: Minimal entry fee.
    When: May

    A wide range of national, state and local English competitions in writing and poetry writing
    Cost: none to minimal
    When: throughout the school year and advertised via the College daily news bulletin and the College Newsletter

    Film Group
    Students interested in film have the opportunity to view a range of films at lunchtime in the library’s reading and viewing room.
    When: Lunchtimes, Monday to Thursday

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  • Annual elected positions

    • Senior and Junior College Captains
    • Senior and Junior Sport Captains
    • House Captains

    Senior SRC
    Students nominate to become the elected, student representatives for the senior sub-school Years 10 – 12. As a member of this forum students attend meetings where issues of interest or concern to students are discussed, decisions will be made and action taken. Positions include: School Captain, Deputy School Captain, Sports Captain, House Captains and Class representatives. Opportunities for participation in leadership skills training occur throughout the year.

    Junior SRC
    Students nominate to become the elected student representatives for the junior subschool Years 7-9. As a member of the SRC team students attend meetings where issues of interest or concern to students are discussed, decisions will be made and action taken. Students with specific interests can involve themselves in individual working parties. Positions include: Junior School Captain, Sports’ Captain, House Captains and Class representatives. Opportunities for participation in leadership skills training occur throughout the year.

    • Elections held at start of each year.
    • Meetings take place fortnightly.
    • Activities occur throughout the year.

    All student representatives take a leading role in the organisation of relevant College meetings, activities and frequently conduct appropriate sessions during whole school assemblies.

    College Representation
    Throughout the year students are invited to represent the College at a variety of forums. Some examples include: Lions’ Youth of the Year, Spirit West Leadership Program, Invergowrie Oration, Women of Note – Mentor Breakfast, International Women’s Day Breakfast Workshop, Association of Secondary State Girls’ schools Year 10 Conference, Future Leaders Leadership Conference and various forums conducted by both Federal and Victorian local political representatives.

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Wellbeing Program at Gilmore College

Encouraging healthy wellbeing is a vital aspect of creating a supportive environment for our students and staff to work and learn in. A happy and supported student is in the best place to make the most of their learning opportunities at school.  We all want our young people, as they negotiate both life’s possibilities and challenges, to make choices out of their strengths and growing edge.

The Wellbeing Team at Gilmore College is the focus for developing such strengths and for providing support to students experiencing particular needs.

The Gilmore Wellbeing Team is comprised of a Wellbeing Coordinator, a visiting department Psychologist (I day per week), a Health Promotions Nurse (2 days per week) and a School Chaplain (4.5 days per week).   Together this team ensures Wellbeing Programs run throughout the school year, as well as providing opportunities for students to have confidential places to talk about issues that concern them.

The Wellbeing Team are actively supported in their role by all staff members but in particular by the Circles Teachers who meet with their classes each day.


The Chaplain is passionate about providing pastoral care for the whole school community. She has a unique role in being able to offer ongoing support, through a consideration of emotional, physical and spiritual needs as required.

Her time is divided between programs such as Cultural Diversity Week and Multicultural Day , the weekly Breakfast Club,  welcoming  new students, the Healthy Community Co-Operative and the Balmoral Exchange Program.  Our chaplain is also available to offer support for families, to partner with Staff in their care of students, as well as to work one – to one with students. This can involve support for scholarship programs, referrals to outside agencies, support with issues around school work, skilling around emotional intelligence and a listening ear to assist students grow into their potential.


Our current Chaplain has been with the College for almost four years. She loves the ethnic diversity of our school community as well as the strengths and creative resilience of our students. She is committed to the launching of confident courageous and well-rounded young adults.


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