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    Booklists can be completed online by using the ebooklists link below for the current College’s bookseller – Campion Education. Click on the Campion¬†icon below. For further booklists inquiries please contact the College Office.

    7 to 12 booklists online

  • Gilmore Booklists
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  • In 1996 we became Gilmore College in recognition of Dame Mary Gilmore. Mary Gilmore, who was born in 1865, campaigned against discrimination of all kinds but is particularly remembered for protesting against¬†discrimination on behalf of aborigines, the elderly, women and children. She wrote for several newspapers and magazines, using poetry to highlight social issues. Mary Gilmore is indeed a fitting role model for our young women.

    Students from local suburbs and many students from distant suburbs, travel to Gilmore College via train and bus everyday. The College was once seen as a regional centre for the education of girls, but over the years it has become the College of choice for girls from both local and quite distant suburbs. It is also accredited to educate international students.

    We are proud of our multi-cultural richness at Gilmore, where all students strive for excellence in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

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