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    Research has shown that not all students who are gifted are gifted in all subjects. One of the issues with schools providing accelerated streams is that your child might be ahead in one subject but not in another. The class will be working on advanced work and your child may fall behind. Gilmore College for Girls is committed to the learning of all students and in this endeavour we run integrated classes at Year 7 and 8. In Maths and English we have multiple classes working in the same space. This allows the classes to work together so all feel included and also allows the students to break into ability groups to work on more advanced work when they are ahead, providing for extension and challenge in the learning of students who have demonstrated an ability to complete work at this level. So the accelerated learning runs within a normal classroom setting. Students are identified by the classroom teacher and the curriculum provided in the accelerated program is challenging, inquiry based and reflects the Middle Years Program – International Baccalaureate world perspective.

    Statement of Aims 

    The central aim our integrated learning is to provide educational experiences of an appropriate type and quality for that group of students identified through the selection procedures as having exceptional academic ability. These students are capable of high academic performance and will benefit from an accelerated and enriched learning program.

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